OCL Staff Development Day Live Tweet Archive

I’ve collected my Ocean County Library Staff Development Day 2011 tweets into this handy post, removed the #oclstaffdev11 hashtag and tweaked a few things for readability, sorted them in chronological order, and included links to the original tweets (if you want to respond there). Enjoy!


Fun fact: the weather’s so nice today that I thought about playing hooky. (link)

Award-winning 2/14 display design: “Blind Date with a Book” (wrap it in paper, put barcode on outside). Start a book romance? (link)

Keynote: Libraries and Our Future

Keynote about to begin: Libraries and Our Future, by Drs. Schement and Radford of Rutgers. (link)

Keynote: 21st century demographics will change traditional notions of who is an American, per Schement. (link)

Only 7% of U.S. population are married couples with children & a male as sole worker, per 2007 census. (link)

American total sales of salsa eclipsed sales of ketchup (and of corn chips over potato chips) in 1983, per Schement. (link)

Shachaf & Horowitz. “Are virtual reference services color blind?” Library and Info Sci Research. (missed full citation) (link)

Continued lack of diversity in grad school and working populations will create “plantation professions,” per Schement. (link)

Now Dr. Radford is speaking on “Foreseeing Opportunities & Challenges in Reference Service.” (link)

CARLI shoutout! for the “Text Me the Call Number feature.” (link)

Branding: “Visit a Library” vs. “Ask a Librarian”. (link)

Keynotes finished. Lots of good ideas and potential solutions. Q & A now. (link)

New Database Roundup

[How about spending a few minutes to ask conference attendees “What’s the best reference website you’ve seen recently?”] (1/2) (link) [Then recording and sharing the list that’s generated.] (2/2) (link)

[I had this idea while sitting around waiting for the session to begin. Perhaps sometimes it could be done with introductions: “Say your name, what branch you work in, and one great resource that you’ve come across recently (perhaps one that pulled you out of a jam.” Or it could be a finishing touch to highlight the diversity of what’s covered and the many other great sources out there.]

[Since I brought up the topic, the website that saved me the other day was vitalrec.com, a site that lists contact information for each state’s various vital statistics offices. It’s not entirely clear who publishes the site, so I can’t recommend it unreservedly, but it was quicker than grabbing our copy of the International Vital Statistics Handbook (9th ed., 2009; R 929.1 Kemp).]

Time for the New Database Round-up! (link)

Librarians are empowered consumers of vendor products, per Cronin. http://bit.ly/… (my link) (link)

[For some reason, the bit.ly link was broken in the original tweet. I’ve worked around it here. Vendor negotiation was written up in a recent post on In the Library with a Lead Pipe.]

Impressed by Universal Class, where real live humans are your teachers, grading your work and answering your questions. (link) You can’t skip ahead to future lessons, either. 🙂 (link)

You get to upload your pics in the “Digital Photography” class. Cool. (link)

Promote the library to investment groups by mentioning that using the library’s Morningstar subscription saves $160/person. (link)

Comparing content in Contemporary Authors and Literature Resource Center. Very useful! (link)

Overdrive’s Digital Library Blog: http://overdriveblogs.com/library/ (link)

All (library) databases should have a “recent additions/changes” notification feature! (link)

It’s important to create your own account to show patrons what they can do, not just tell them why they should sign up. (link)

[Press vendors for co-branding on library databases.] #learningexpresslibrary (link)

Takeaway from database roundup? Always take the opportunity to learn something new! #downtimeisforsleeping (link)

What to Read Next

Session 3: What to Read Next (link)

Anyone seen my wallet? :-/ (link)

Familiarize yourself with the collection, esp. new materials. (link)

Book Page linked on the library website? (link)

[Include as catalog enhancements: recommended books; series data] (link)

Shout-out to @LibraryThing! (link)

[When you return a library book, have the catalog ask you to do a quick, anon. survey to populate book tag fields?] (link)

How to read a book in five minutes? Time for a hands-on demonstration! (link)

Whatever Happened to the Gay Gene?

Session 4: “What Ever Happened to the (Fabulous) Gay Gene? (link)

This presentation is informed by Simon LeVay’s recent work: http://www.librarything.com/work/10287841 (link)

Gender non-conformity is 50-80% predictive of gayness [gay behavior?] for boys, ~33% for girls. (link)

Hearing the drum circle coming in from the next classroom. Quite a rhythm going! (link)

Seyler & Midgeon studies on transgender hormone processing. (link)

An overwhelming amount of data to end the day, but a success overall. 🙂 (link)

And finally…

Found the wallet in my car! Phew! (link)

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